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Be Bop Kitchen: Art, Cooking and the Meaning of Life with Tink! The Book is released!

My book has been completed and released! Here is a preview and info for ordering your copy. Not like any other cookbook you've had, this fun and unique cookbook includes a segment on vintage mid century recipes for your next Atomic cocktail party and also Tiki drinks! Click the title of the book below the preview for ordering information.

New Magical Runic Power Staff listed to Etsy

Been working on some new pieces lately and this morning got this large and magical piece listed. Took it out in the snow this morning to infuse it with some extra Nature power energy. I hope you are all having a glorious Monday and hope, too, that you have the day off from work for President's Day!

Large Runic Power Staff by Tink

Dia de los Muertos Celebrations

Hi everyone and happy Tuesday! Yesterday I took another early morning stroll through the cemetery in honor of our deceased loved ones for El Dia de los Muertos and then it was home for some festive celebrations with lighting of altar candles and colorful decor, music and makeup in honor of the day! I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.

Today it is very cold and when I looked out it looks like we got our very first frost on the pumpkins so now it's time to gear up for Yule celebrations! Have a most magical week. xo


I was boxing things up little by little each night and living among stacks of boxes and mess. I can't stand stuff out of place and said I HAVE to finish this....I worked until noon on Friday and came home and tackled the project. I worked 10 straight hours and was to the point of starting to put the records and some of the players in place!! I did some more Saturday morning and then my mother & I went out rug shopping! I found a wicked fun retro inspired rug. I needed a large one so we had it hanging out the back window of the Jeep to get it home! I laid it out and it looks SO finished! Then comes the fun part for me! Decorating the walls!!! I will leave a little space here and there for new thrift, antique and record show finds but basically, all I need right now is a comfy chair and I'm finished!

It's so fun and it's great to have space to dance around! The music room opens out to the main living room where even more players reside and it's like one big lounge. I just love it!

Now I can relax and enjoy the Labor Day weekend and antique to my hearts content! Hugs out & Happy Labor Day~ love, tink xo

Happy Halloween!

Well, Halloween is not just a day here in the woodland, it's a way of life. lol. I feel it strongly this year and won't even mind the brats coming to my door this year. I'll scare the shit out of them . hee hee hee. We always start early here in the woodland and as it will BE Halloween in a short time here I am ready for it...

A most Blessed, Wicked & wonderful Samhain, Halloween, All Hallow's Eve. haunted hugs~ tinkie xoxo