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Shopping Therapy!

HA! I always call shopping "therapy" because, after all, it is! Right? I love to shop. Love to sort through things and browse for that special buy! Skeetie says there is something wrong with me.

So anyway, since Skeetie's Dad, Papa M, is getting released from the hospital today, Skeet stayed in and played in his garage messing with the car while I went over to the thrift shop to see what treasures I could find. He wanted to stay around in case his parents needed anything. I found some great vintage fabrics, a bag of old bottle openers and a wicked 50's dress. I spent under 10 bucks. I was happy :-)

Then I did a little clothes shopping. Lord knows, I don't NEED any clothes, much less SHOES but I came home with 3 pairs. I think Skeetie's right. There IS something wrong with me!! I got some Ed Hardy sneakers and 2 fab little black flats. Then since it is hot & humid today I stopped for some ice cold Mad Anthony brew and whilst perusing around the nice cool liquor store I saw these GREAT bottles of TIKI Tequila!! I don't drink any of those hard liquors but the bottles on these were so beautiful! I had never seen them before! I was secretly wishing I had my camera with me....One little tiny kid looked up at me and said "You have 100 tattoos!" Most folks just stare at me like a sideshow freak. I am growing accustomed to it.

Well, I have cleaned the bathroom, straightened the living room and should do the dishes but I just can't face it right now. Maybe later. I am just kicking back for a bit here. I'll probably stitch up some new Atomic Fez's from the fun new fabrics I've acquired.

I have found a glorious vintage Mamiyaflex on Ebay that I wanna try and grab. The Mamiyaflex and the Rolleiflex are the types of cameras Diane Arbus used to use. I want to add examples of both to my vintage camera collection. I have 3 awesome Twin Lens Reflex cameras now and I find their make up to be so beautiful.

I had a dream the other night that I went job hunting in a hearse that looked like a weird dune buggy type hearse and in my dream, I knew exactly where it was I was driving. I knew the area and the Parkway (it was Montvale!?) and when I got there for the interview, the space was a wicked old warehouse with uneven barn wood floor and planking. Very sparse. The crazed boss hired me without my even filling out an application or asking me any questions. It was very odd. I wonder what it means? There was a hallway, a narrow dark staircase (descending) and my friend Debbie at the bottom talking up to me.

Here are my finds from today!

And I don't think I have shown you my vintage sanitary napkin vending machine yet! It's a fave item poised just outside the bathroom. It's my constant reminder of the Crimson Curse and the YEARS AND YEARS we gals suffer it along with the PMS and total hormonal imbalance that goes along with it all...

I hope you are all having a magical weekend.

hugs & love~ tink xoxo

Tinker's Witch Crafts Newsletter June 2008

Many warm greetings to you all! Here we are in June already! Time is flying by for sure. Half way through the year already!

It's a glorious day today. The sun is shining and warm. This weekend we'll do a thrift shop crawl and try out a new restaurant Maria raves about called Lombardi's. I can't wait!

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Here's the newsletter:


This month's fabulous tune is Side Show Romance by Juni Fisher. Many hugs & blessings for a magical June~ Tink xo

A Wicked new trellis and thrifty fun!

Happy Mother's Day everyone! Me & Skeet were gonna go to the Coney Island Museum & Sideshow today but we got a late start being as it was Mother's Day and all so we decided to have an easy day.

Skeetie got 2 fence posts so we could secure that antique box spring we found in Piermont last summer into a trellis to train the Wisteria up! He hammered those things into the ground (after much ado and digging up buried rocks) and wired the frame to the posts. It looks amazing and I can't wait for the Wisteria to go wild on it!!

Then we headed out to Value Village which is a huge and VERY orderly thrift shop where we bought a ton of stuff including a deep dish vintage pyrex pie plate, old diner salt shaker, some fabric remnants, antique wooden tops, a Duncan yo-yo, an old collander and a cook book all for 13 bucks!

It was sunny and nice but started to get a little nippy later on. We went to Trackside in Fair Lawn for dinner and had some amazing artichoke hearts oreganata on mozarella with a garlic sauce and 2 fabulous pastas. Then a superb wild berry tart. It was another perfect day.

Then it was back home to watch Stewie Griffin: the Untold Story and a relax on the couch. A nice mellow day. We'll hit the side show & museum when we have a whole day to spend.

Dead tired and content. Love out to the Mothers~ hugs~ tink xo