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Cold and Rainy Day Made Warm by Newman!

Today was COLD & raining and just dead on dreary! I was up and out to Jinx for a noon appointment with Eric to get my Be-Bop lettering done! I downloaded a million fonts and messed with them in Photoshop until I liked them for "Be-Bop" I chose this font "Laff Riot" as it reminds me of real cartoon lettering but, of course, Eric made it super cool & special! I am so thrilled!

Nothing like new ink to warm the heart & soul. I saw Danielle for the first time since her little doggie Herc died and we talked about our old doggies and my new doggie and her next doggie. neither of us would ever go anywhere but a shelter for our babies and Ox had his sweet Georgia there today. The mellowest Pitbull I have ever seen!

After Jinx I stopped and got some River Horse brews and went to get Vaggi a new toy (spoiled little thing) It's so cold and damp that I just want to relax here at home and listen to the 78's. They do say the weekend is supposed to be glorious so I think that is fair compensation for today's weather and I really didn't mind the rain as I knew I'd be at Jinx with those beautiful boys. Warm & happy with my little dysfuncional family.

I hope you are all enjoying the day!

Love out~ Tinkie xoxo (a.k.a. Be-Bop-a-Lula)

Jinx Ink & Renovations

Yesterday was a very dreary, cold, rainy day and I went to my home away from home, Jinx Proof, to hang with my little dysfunctional family. Eric did an amazing abstract spider web on my elbow and added highlight to my sparkplug to make it really pop. Let me tell you, I have ink all over the place and I can say that the elbow is an excrutiatingly hard place to deal with! ha! I was writhing. Right now several hours after the fact it feels pretty good but earlier I was crying. lol. I also took lots of pics of the new space and how it is shaping up. I'm very excited for them! The new space is awesome.

In the clearing out of the stock room Ox found those wicked t-shirts and gave me one. The place is really under way now and all the stuff has been taken off the walls in the old section to get ready for the new stations and paint. It's going to look amazing.

Tonight is Ariana's birthday party at Denise's and that will be fun. It's still dreary and dark this morning but the rain is supposed to move out by later today.

Hugs out for a perfect day~ love, tink xoxo

COLD Dreary day and a visit to Jinx!

Today was dark, dreary and cold. It was SO nasty. I went to Jinx, bagels in tow and the first one there was Vinny. We hung outside in the cold waiting for Ox to come and open up. The shop is in some disarray as they pack and get ready to renovate. One wall is already broken through. One more to go.

We did the Dirty Donny 3D Electric Frankenstein piece and while the session was a little too long for comfort, the piece turned out amazing and Eric worked his usual magic.

Now it's raining and quite chilly and I am going to park it on the couch with a blanket while I wait for Skeetie to call from Florida. He'll be home soon thank goodness.

Hugs out~ the tired & cold Tinkie xoxo

Newman Inks Tink

Greetings everyone! It's hot & humid here again and we are planning a trek to the Vintage Car Store in Nyack for this weekend with a stop at the Nyack River Club for good eats. Right now I am waiting for my Mom to come for Saturday morning tea. Here is a little video clip of Eric doing my latest ink:

I was just outside checking on my wisteria. It is taking over the trellis Skeetie made for me already!! Hoping for many blooms next year. Also finishing up the July Newsletter which will be released in a couple of days.

Have a perfect weekend~ hugs, tink xo

Feeling the CHILL!

Wow is it cold this morning! I have on a sweater and slipper boots on my feet. I am in the studio shivering up a storm. Nearly time for the heat! The Frost is on the Pumpkins!

Skeet has a bad cold and I have been busy in the studio all weekend. some fun little stocking stuffers have been added to the Enchanted Forest Shop in the form of some button sets for the tattoo & car culture lovers and a cool little pocket mirror for the tattoo girls.

Also, the first of the new Warrior Witch in Winter hats have been added to the Magical Bag. These were so popular on my website last winter that I have decided to add some to the Magical Bag as well.

I will add many more over the next several weeks and some more Tarot Bags as well.

Stay warm!!! & have a magical day~ hugs out~ tink xoxo