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Professor Ouch's Birthday Bash!

Well this was a fun road trip weekend for me & Skeetie! On Friday afternoon we headed down to Philly to attend Professor Ouch's (of Philadelphia Eddie's Tattoo & The Odditorium fame) birthday bash. Ouch had the venue decked out in oddities from his collection and had a great table of party favors for us. Each of us also got a CD of all the Rockabilly music being played at the party!

There was a magician, a ventriloquist and a sword swallower/ human pin cushion who we were invited to staple gun money to. The human pincushion, Red Stuart, also brought along a bed of nails which guests were allowed to try out and YES...the Tink tried it out!

There was great food, good people and even some hot rods. It was a fabulous time. Happy Birthday to the Professor!!

Professor Ouch's Birthday Bash Photos

After a good night's sleep at the Comfort Inn it was off to find Daddy Pop's Diner for breakfast. This little joint was made famous by Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive Ins & Dives. We had a wicked nice filling breakfast and then headed on to the Mutter Museum! It was a totally awesome weekend.

Now it is cold out again here and we are tired from our journey. It's gonna be a relaxing evening for sure.

love out~ tink xoxo


Yesterday, me & Skeet went up to the antique show at Birchwood Manor in Whippany. It was a huge show! We found some antique photographs, old ad memorabilia and I found a tiny iron pig to add to the boars & peccaries collection.

Afterwards it was off to Philadelphia to visit with Professor Ouch and pick up the Water Buffalo taxidermy Skeet was buying. The Professor was the perfect host showing us all around the Odditorium even though he is in the midst of packing up for a move in the Spring. The stuff in his collection is amazing and it is the first time I have come upon a collection that rivals my own.

Odditorium Photos

I also got a vintage movie event poster. It was a perfect day. We were going to eat in Philly but were afraid to leave the Behemoth in the back of the pickup while we ate so we dropped it back home and went to Billy's Red Room for dinner.

It was a long day but oh so magical!

hugs out~ tink xoxo

Professor Ouch's Mondo Garage Sale & Flea Market

Today, me & Skeet headed out early to Philadelphia for Professor Ouch's Mondo Garage Sale & Flea Market down on South 8th st in Philly. What a treasure trove of oddities! Professor Ouch had side show memorabilia, vintage pin-ups, taxidermy, music collectibles, tattoo flash, even old cars! We had alot of fun picking through all the goods and chatting with the Professor.

I got some freak show fliers, a CD Rom of sideshow slideshows, an Ed Hardy shot glass, some autopsy trading cards and a couple of sheets of Professor Ouch's own Tiki flash! Skeet bought some antique framed Sailor Jerry flash and a vintage hot rod felt. We got good & dirty going through all the stuff. Professor Ouch had a 2 headed taxidery chick that I wanted but wasn't for sale.....Afterwards we headed over to the historic City Tavern where things are still done as they were in 1773 when this tavern was built! Skeet had the General Washington's Tavern Porter, brewed from the genuine recipe on file in the Rare Manuscripts Room of the NY Public library and I had a different 18th century brew which is brewed with some sort of evergreen rather than hops, giving it an herby flair. We started out with the cornbread crusted fried oysters and he had the Lobster Pie and I had the duck. yum.

Then we came back to the truck to a parking ticket but the meter never WORKED! and directly next to us was the short bus meter.

The weather was GREAT, the traffic not too bad (a little coming back) and it was a fab time looking through Professor Ouch's wonderful collection of oddities!