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Valentine's Day Adventure in NY

This was a magical Valentine's Day! Despite the fact that Skeetie is still not feeling well he took me to House of Oldies Rare Records in NYC (home of ONE MILLION RECORDS!!) where we perused the basement collection of Bob Abramson's 41 year old shop. Skeet got me a bunch of 78's including Billie Holiday, Dean Martin (That's Amore!), Lou Monte, Frank Sinatra. It was mind boggling the amount of stuff in that dusty, musty basement! Bob was concerned about my 'nice' coat down in the dungeon, there. lol. We had a blast. We are used to dirty hands, always rummaging through antiques! Here's a little clip that SORTA captures the expanse of that basement...

Afterwards it was off to Little Italy to Vincent's, established 1904, and their kick ass famous hot sauce! It was the perfect Valentine's Day.

I hope you all had magical Valentine's Days with your loved ones.

hugs~ tink xo

Summer Solstice NYC

Today was a near perfect weather day and we ventured in to the city for some street fairs and flea markets. I found some wicked ethnic pants and a very cool Eames type lamp. Skeetie grabbed a funny little t shirt for his friends new baby that said "Anarchy in the Pre-K". After we ventured around a little we tried to go back to Jimmy's no. 43 on 7th St but AGAIN it was closed. We decided to go back to the Texas Style Hill Country Barbeque and had a magical (and very filling) lunch!

Here are some pics from the day:

NYC Solstice '08

When we got home we relaxed on the couch with a documentary on the history of the Sideshow. Tonight will be a mellow night.

Happy Solstice, everyone!

hugs~ tink xo

Tinker's Witch Crafts Newsletter June 2008

Many warm greetings to you all! Here we are in June already! Time is flying by for sure. Half way through the year already!

It's a glorious day today. The sun is shining and warm. This weekend we'll do a thrift shop crawl and try out a new restaurant Maria raves about called Lombardi's. I can't wait!

As usual, all red links are live so click away! Unless, of course, you are running Mozilla Firefox in which case the links may jump away! I have no idea how to remedy that! Those of you on Internet Explorer should have no problem.

Here's the newsletter:


This month's fabulous tune is Side Show Romance by Juni Fisher. Many hugs & blessings for a magical June~ Tink xo

Antique Garage on a bitter cold January Day!

Today was a most excellent adventure day! Me & Skeetie headed out to New York City early to hit the Antique Garage on 25th St. To our great surprise the outdoor flea market was on as well and it was COLD out there! But we had a great time perusing all the oddities & junk! I found 3 more little Asian erotica bottles to add to the collection & Skeet found a chain pull. Then it was on to the Antique Garage. We spent HOURS in here. There is so much to look at. I found some great stuff including 2 pairs of earrings, a vintage shell art napkin holder (ONE DOLLAR!!), a nepalese silver ring and bags & bags of bits & bobs to add to third eye pieces. One bag had all kinds of odd springs and small tool bits while my usual supplier there at the garage provided me with the antique pieces of jewelry and chain. Skeet found a vintage Rheingold stainless bar piece and an antique tin. After the antique garage we hit on Olde Good Things which is a treasure trove of antique architectural stuff from light fixtures to hardware. Amazing stuff!! Here are some pics:

Antique Garage "Antiques Tour '08"

After all our exhausting antiquing we were totally ready for some food and had really worked up an appetite. We headed over to the Delta Grill as we had been craving Cajun food. The atmosphere was fabulous and the food even better! We had Pork Chop Etouffe and Crawfish Etouffe along with some wicked light & airy Hush puppies! We shared the entrees and left there totally stuffed and tired. Now I am still too full to sleep! lol. That was one magical day. Tommorow it is supposed to get even COLDER.

Stay Warm! Hugs~ tink xoxo