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Columbus Day Monday

Well, what a fun weekend of creating I have had! I had been suffering from the Autumn cold all week and started to feel better on Saturday when I tackled a beeswax collage. A fun (and very messy) process!

Yesterday was the Chester Apple Fest and it turned out to be a glorious day for it. I got Mick a bag of gourmet dog treats in Well Bred on Perry Street after consulting with the owner about which are the softest & squishiest for a doggie with no teeth!

Then I hit the antique shop where I browsed forever finding this fabulous antique portrait of Mettie Wilson (stated on the back)

When I came home and had my tea on the deck pondering Mettie and who she may have been, I was inspired to create a special collage using her image while my Dad tinkered about my yard fixing a broken table & securing my shed door.When he went home I went into the studio and commenced work. Here is my Good Witch Mettie piece:

I bet Mettie always wanted to be portrayed as a Witchy Woman!

Now it is time to start this day. I send hugs out to each and every one of you for a magical fun filled day, whatever you do! Tink

Another Crisp Cool Woodland Morning

Glorious weather we are having here! It is such a pleasure and I love having the windows all wide open! Mick had his jacket on yesterday morning to go out to keep his old bones warm.

I have just completed the collage for the latest Art Card by Tink© and it is a great one:

Also just completed is a pin weaving fibre arts necklace piece in fun Autumnal colors:

Lots of activity here in the studio and the weather really brings things to life here! The new newsletter is in the works and should be released some time this weekend.

Well, tea is finished and I am off to start this day! Namaste:

Festivities in the Studio

I'm working my ass off these days and not selling so I have decided to work on my in-between project which will take alot of time.

It is an altered book which I am using many oddball bits of scraps, pics & papers many of them antique & some of which I got from my friend Luc in Toulouse, France.

The project is wonderful fun and I am taking my time and working slowly page by page as therapy.

Here are some pages in various states of done-ness. A long way to go on all, however...

This one will be a real labor of love when finished.

As far as new pieces, there are some really great ones like the new "Snuff" Art line of pieces made from snuff tins and the great new 'Fly by Night' Shrine. All can be seen and purchased at
The Enchanted Forest Shop

I was trying some stuff out on ePaganAuctions.com but the first sale was a non-paying bidder so I won't be using THAT site again. Artists don't have time for bullshit or chasing down payment. It is an insult.

As for 4th of July there are way too many explosives firing off around us freaking out Mick and sounding like we are under siege.

My mother picked up The Libertine, which came out on DVD today so I am very eager for her to bring that over. I really want to see that.

Well, tea time in the studio. Happy 4th everyone!
love, Tink