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Jinx Ink & Renovations

Yesterday was a very dreary, cold, rainy day and I went to my home away from home, Jinx Proof, to hang with my little dysfunctional family. Eric did an amazing abstract spider web on my elbow and added highlight to my sparkplug to make it really pop. Let me tell you, I have ink all over the place and I can say that the elbow is an excrutiatingly hard place to deal with! ha! I was writhing. Right now several hours after the fact it feels pretty good but earlier I was crying. lol. I also took lots of pics of the new space and how it is shaping up. I'm very excited for them! The new space is awesome.

In the clearing out of the stock room Ox found those wicked t-shirts and gave me one. The place is really under way now and all the stuff has been taken off the walls in the old section to get ready for the new stations and paint. It's going to look amazing.

Tonight is Ariana's birthday party at Denise's and that will be fun. It's still dreary and dark this morning but the rain is supposed to move out by later today.

Hugs out for a perfect day~ love, tink xoxo

Autumn and Candy Corns

Last night I hung out with Blanca. We had a few too many brews and today I feel sluggish. Not into much of anything. But since Jinx will be closing soon for renovations and I had wanted to get some candy corns inked around my new Frankenstein piece, it was back to Jinx. Me, Ox, Vinny and Nice hung out and chatted and had coffee and bagels while waiting for Eric. It was the perfect fall like day and the sky was crystal clear.

Eric did this perfect Nautical Star to match the ones on the front of the arm and also my candy corns!

It was a very fun day with my favorite brothers. Stopped at CVS for Neosporin and then some tacos at Taco Bell to bring home and share with Mick. I am extremely tired and gonna crash on the couch with a good horror flick. Tommorow me, Blanca and Jackie were gonna go to the Coney Island Sideshow but I want to get up to the Orange County flea market. We'll do the sideshow another day.

Hugs out~ tink xoxo

COLD Dreary day and a visit to Jinx!

Today was dark, dreary and cold. It was SO nasty. I went to Jinx, bagels in tow and the first one there was Vinny. We hung outside in the cold waiting for Ox to come and open up. The shop is in some disarray as they pack and get ready to renovate. One wall is already broken through. One more to go.

We did the Dirty Donny 3D Electric Frankenstein piece and while the session was a little too long for comfort, the piece turned out amazing and Eric worked his usual magic.

Now it's raining and quite chilly and I am going to park it on the couch with a blanket while I wait for Skeetie to call from Florida. He'll be home soon thank goodness.

Hugs out~ the tired & cold Tinkie xoxo

Dave Steele Guest Spots at Jinx Proof!

Today I had tea with mom, cleaned my house, did a work out and since Skeetie was off on a bike run I headed over to Jinx for some new ink. Ox had Dave Steele from Philadelphia Eddie's Chinatown guesting this weekend as Eric is away on vacation. And Geoff was just back from his European adventures so it was nice to see him, too. He's back to Sweden on Wednesday. The boy never rests. They also have a new fellow, Vinny, so new stuff going on at Jinx! And, of course, the expansion into a larger space. Very fun & exciting. Here's Dave working away:

And here is the piece he did on me:

Dave was super nice and I am glad I got the chance to be inked by him. And we also had a mutual friend in Professor Ouch! This is a perfect weather day as it has been for many days this August so I stopped in the little shop next to Jinx and browsed around at the music collectibles and second hand clothes. It was a really nice day and the Tink's happy.

Hugs out~ tink xoxo

ink, cameras & Jagermeister

Skeetie went out with some friends the other night and the Jagermeister girls were there. If you drank a shot they gave you stuff so he did and he got me a cool t shirt. I have been playing with my Mamiyaflex and I love the camera. It is such a beautiful piece of machinery. Next time I'll get some portraits playing with my Graflex. That one's a big monster! I can't imagine Press papparazzi lugging those around to crime scenes etc back in the day. They must have really built up some muscle!

Here we are at Tuesday morning. The work week goes SO slow and the weekend goes SOOO fast. Why is that? Yesterday I ducked out at lunch to go shopping. I found the perfect stool for the drafting table Dave gave me and some shirts for Skeet along with some flame towels for his garage.

It looks like it is gonna be nice out today. I'll sit on the courtyard at lunch today and think and relax and enjoy. Maybe give my cousin Donna in Florida a call because I miss her and wish she still lived up here. Skeetie's Dad had knee replacement surgery yesterday and all went well so I am relieved and thankful for that.

I can't believe it is the end of the month already. I have to finish up the newsletter and get that out by Thursday. It's pretty much done, just some final touches more. Skeet turned me on to a band called the Toy Dolls and it is one of their tunes that will grace the August newsletter.

I have given Mick his morning treats and am finishing up my tea. The morning is a very favorite time for me. It's quiet and peaceful. I get alot accomplished in the morning.

Have a day brushed by magic at every turn~ love, tink xo

Inchiostrato Punchinello~ first session

Yesterday I had my Jinx appointment and Eric did an amazing job at the first session of my intense Punchinello!! This piece is being worked on the upper, inner arm and WOW is this a tough spot. YIKES. The meat flaps as my friend Steph calls them. ha!

The detail that Eric captures is just amazing and we got the outline, most shading and some color done before I was ready for a meltdown (and it was getting darkish out, I can't drive when it's dark, totally nervous and neurotic)SO next session we will do the rest of the color and the intensive face work. I can't WAIT to see the total result.

Here is the piece so far:

Today we were supposed to go to a car show but Skeetie got called for a job so I had some tea with mom and I will relax and maybe delve into some studio work. Tomorrow we'll have an adventure.

Nearly 100 degrees here today. Not fit for man or beast.Hugs out~ tink xoxo

Newman Inks Tink

Greetings everyone! It's hot & humid here again and we are planning a trek to the Vintage Car Store in Nyack for this weekend with a stop at the Nyack River Club for good eats. Right now I am waiting for my Mom to come for Saturday morning tea. Here is a little video clip of Eric doing my latest ink:

I was just outside checking on my wisteria. It is taking over the trellis Skeetie made for me already!! Hoping for many blooms next year. Also finishing up the July Newsletter which will be released in a couple of days.

Have a perfect weekend~ hugs, tink xo

Rock Rock Rockabilly INK!

Today is COLD and POURING and dreary as hell. I got up early and worked on a new web segment I will release shortly called Tink's Atomic Fez Factory. It was fun! Then it was off to get the bagels for my visit to my dysfunctional family at Jinx Proof!

I got to Montclair early so I could go to the little gift shop around the corner to get my mom something fun for Mother's Day. Then it was INK TIME! Eric worked a fabulous Rockabilly character on my back upper arm and it is amazing! Skeetie surprised me by popping in with his bud Anthony so that was fun!

Here are some pics of the new piece:

Another perfect day (despite the weather). Skeetie worked on the garage and also worked out in the rain later on to do some drainage re-routing so no water gets in the basement. Tonight we are both beat. It will be a relaxing one.

Peace out~ love, tink xo

Von Franco, tink & ink

It is finally approaching something that resembles warmth! Yesterday I made a trek to Jinx Proof to hang with ala famiglia e dysfunzione and Eric (despite the Percoset for a wicked toothache) did an AMAZING job on my Von Franco shrunken head piece.

I got there at opening with bagels in hand and it was nice to see Geoff back from his worldly tattoo artist guest spot adventures. Garrett was sporting a Wicked new haircut and Jay was intensely working on some drawings. Ox is in Europe wreaking havoc and Blake came in later on.

The original plan was to do the Von Franco and some flames but Eric was in a bit of slo-mo so we concentrated on the Von Franco. And what a piece of art it is!!

While I was at Jinx, Skeetie had all day to work uninterupted in the garage & he got alot done!! Today I will work in the studio while he does some more on the garage and we will have an adventure tomorrow. It is supposed to hit 75 degrees today!!! I am SO ready.

Have a magical weekend, everyone! love, tink xoxo

Happy Valentine's Day

I have had a busy, busy weekend! Thursday it was all day in the studio while Skeet worked and we sent little Valentine's quips back & forth to each other. Friday it was off to Jinx Proof for my Mick ink the 'Canis Strategema' by low brow artist Scott Musgrove. Eric did a perfect job as usual and I am still a bit sore but don't have a popeye arm like the last time. I got into Montclair a little early and ducked out of the cold into a little antique place way in the back room of a gift shop and found 2 fabulous vintage ethnic necklaces.

Yesterday it was our Valentine's Day. We decided we would rather not brave the crowds and set menus of Valentine's Day and just have a really special day on Saturday! We headed down the shore to Point Pleasant Beach and went to the Antique Emporium there spending 4 hours in the place scoping out every nook & cranny. I found a Victorian very Jack the Ripper Victim hat, a great vice for the work table and some odds & ends to use as assemblage along with a primitive wood stool. It is so fun to antique with Skeet! He never says "you don't need that" or "what are you gonna do with that?" He appreciates the same things I do which makes it so fun, in fact, he FINDS stuff that I could really use! He knows just what to look for. Plus he's sweet, REALLY funny, intelligent, tough (in a good way), beautiful and all mine. I'm lucky!

Then it was off to Bahr's Landing for steamers and seafood. Afterwards we came home and opened our Valentine's gifties and relaxed. I attempted to serenade Skeet with my Rockabilly accordian to the tune of Turna Soriento but, alas, I still suck at the accordian. Here are some pics from Point Pleasant:

Point Pleasant Valentine's Day Antique & Culinary Adventure

Today I was off to Michael's for some art supplies and lunch & brews at Thatcher McGee's. This afternoon I am gonna work in the studio a bit and then relax! How can the weekend be drawing to a close already??

Sadly, my neighbors across the street Amy & Leo had a house fire. They pretty much lost everything with only 2 months before their first baby will be born. Another neighbor saved their beautiful Great Pyranese as they were not home when the fire broke out. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Amy & Leo so they can make a quick return to their home.

Happy Valentine's Day to you all. Love & hugs~ tink xoxo