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Flea Market and Yule Shopping Fun!

Today was SO cold. There were flurries on & off all day. My mom had to go to (gasp!) Toys R Us so we took her there first (Nothing like waiting til the last minute, ma!!) No trouble at all! Not many folks in the store early in the morning. Then it was off to the Wayne P.A.L. flea market and I had a ball just wandering and slowly taking in all the wares! I found some FABULOUS old ornaments for the tree! Everyone seemed to have the old Christmas stuff out. A box of pretty old indents and and one special weird old Russian clown head. Very sideshow! I loved him and paid a bit more for him but he was so creepy he was worth it! I also found some little things for Skeet.

We hit a few more places on the way to Pal's Cabin for lunch and I got some stocking Stuffers for Skeetie. After lunch it was off to the Montclair Book Center where I got some more gifts and a beautiful, very old book dated 1903 called The Year's Festivals which has all the years celebrations Like May Day, Twelfth Night, All Fool's Day, Halloween & Christmas. I can't wait to read through it!

After the book center it was off to the Paterson Markets for wreaths and the grave blanket for my cats graves. It was SO cold and windy by the time we got to the market that it was unbearable!

I came home, made a steaming hot cuppa tea and filled Skeet's stocking. The thing weighs a ton. I hung it and I WAS gonna bake but I am beat. I think I will curl up on the couch with this fabulous old book and relax! The wind is really whipping up out there and it is really frigid!

It was a fun day and I feel good. I am about done with every last bit of Yule shopping, just waiting for the cards to come in from the printers so I can get those out to everybody and a couple more things are coming through the mail. I'll just have to wrap a few things and I'm done! YAY!

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas! I hope you are all getting your holiday stuff accomplished, too! Love out~ tinkie xoxo

SERIOUSLY COLD Yule Decorating fun!

Today was COLD. It was in the 20's. Way too cold for the Tink, for certain! Last night Tommy UPS (the R & R UPS guy) brought the tree I ordered for this year. It is a wicked 7 1/2 ft. Spindle Bristle tree and I was just so into it I had to put it up. Normally I DO put my tree up rather early (anything after Halloween is free reign) as I like to keep it up and enjoy it for a bit. It also gets you in the mood for a cool Yule!

The tree kicks ASS. I am so pleased with it. I, again, used the creepy doll limbs but also added antique blown glass ornaments and REAL tinsel. I've always wanted to do real tinsel after the story my Dad told me of growing up in the tenements of North Bergen and being sent to the 5 & 10 for "one more box of tinsel" over and over again. He said by the time they were done you couldn't see the tree for the tinsel. lol. I couldn't do the tinsel thing because I had cats for many years. Now that my babies have passed on to the Summerlands I can freely use tinsel. However, What looks like an easy and effective Yule decoration becomes nightmarish when you take it out of it's neatly packed little box. It is TOTALLY uncooperative! It gets all over your floor, hands and hair and I was losing my mind trying to make perfectly matched drapings on each branch. It is the nightmare of those with OCD. It was insane! But once it was all neatly in place and picked up off the floor & outta my hair it looked so beautiful I was thrilled!

Music choices for the decorating frenzy were A John Waters Christmas, The Brian Setzer Orchestra, Sinatra and Martini Christmas. It was SOOOO fun.

Today I was off to the Thrift Shop in a search for antique ornaments and/ or old religious items for my altar and I found a perfect antique pie plate for 2 bucks. I inquired about old religious artifacts or items. The really sweet woman behind the counter said no, when we get religious items we give them away, we don't feel it is right to sell them. So I pointed to a BEAUTIFUL, VERY old HUGE celluloid & metal crucifix hanging behind her and said "How about THAT?" and she said, taking it down off the wall, "It's YOURS!" I was floored. I handed over my 2 bucks and walked out into the cold clutching my Bless-ed score and almost feeling guilty for getting something SO amazing for FREE.

I am tired tonight and have a down blanket wrapped around me. They say snow for tomorrow (ugh!) and all I feel like doing tonight is hanging on the couch and enjoying the Yule tree. It was SUCH a good day!

I hope you are all getting in the spirit of the Holidaze as well. Hugs out~ tinkie xoxo