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NY Trimming & Notion! Old School Magic in a Modern World

Today it was back to my favorite Old School Shop, NY Trimming & Notion. Marsha, the sweet magical proprietress with the mischievous twinkle in her eye, welcomed me back warmly and my good friend Wonderwoman Kim was in there taking in all the buttons! I could tell she was like a kid in a candy store just as I am whenever I go in there.

This wonderful shop has been there for 84 years and it is so hard to believe it will be closing it's doors by the end of December. But, until then, we will enjoy it as much and as often as possible as these magical places are becoming so rare in this age of technology and super stores.

You can find things in here that you just can't find ANYWHERE else! The wall of buttons absolutely blows me away. I could spend hours perusing that wall.

Marsha totally shares my love of these beautiful old buttons and knows her stock inside out. Everything here is done the old way. Tallying items on a pad, no high tech register, no credit cards. Old School. The way everything should be. The reason I love the place.

I was rummaging through a basket of old 40's lace fingerless gloves in a rainbow of colors. Marsha gave me a pair in an amazing cinnamon shade. I also found a fabulous old wire high heel which she is going to hold for me.

NY Trim, as we affectionately call it, is located on Main St in the heart of downtown Hackensack NJ. Hurry over there! You won't believe what you can find!

There is a special kind of magic in places like this. I can feel it immediately when I enter into it. It is wonderful and powerful. When places like this are gone, that magic goes with them and that is a very sad thing.

For now I will absorb all the magic I can from this most enchanting of shops. I am thankful to have it for a few more short weeks and to have made an amazing new friend. Successful, independent business women have always been a true inspiration to me and those that acheive it with grace & humor are my favorites (like Marsha!)

Keep the MAGIC alive!

Thanks, Marsha!

Hugs Out~ Tink xoxo

Happy Adventures!

I get very excited about things. Today I discovered that an amazing place that I frequented as a youth still existed. It is called NY Trim and is on Main Street in downtown Hackensack. I ventured over there at lunch today and to my horror, there was a sign in the window "going out of business after 84 YEARS!".

I tentatively walked inside. There were boxes and boxes of fabulous antique trims, notions, beaded pieces, BUTTONS! I was in heaven. I immediatley was drawn to the wall of buttons. Boxes & boxes of buttons of every size, shape & color. MANY of them totally antique.

Sweet old proprietress Marsha said "cash or personal check only, you know, dear!" So I had to make a run for the Mac machine. The bank there in the center of downtown must date from the 1800's (or earlier!) It had the tallest ceiling I had ever seen with lots of terra cotta colored hand painted design. I marvelled at the ceiling banging into people as I sought out the Mac machine. This was a bank that gangsters SURELY robbed in the 20's! While I daydreamed amongst that beautiful architecture, I realized if I didn't snap out of it, I'd miss out on all those magical buttons accross the street! I ran back, cash in hand.

Marsha was very attentive and collected up my buttons as I chose them keeping a tally sheet of the damage. Add to the buttons some glass beadwork plaquetts, some organza rosettes, black silk velvet ribbon and a BOX of bakelite buttons in the most glorious shade of burgundy.

102.00 dollars lighter and happy as a lark, I bopped back to the car not even being the least bit phased by the parking ticket on my windshield! (the meter expired) I plan to go back while the place is still there with my camera so I can capture the Old School magic, the likes of which don't exist anymore, unfortunately.

That was one magical adventure. I was so thrilled with my finds, I could hardly concentrate all afternoon.

Peace out & happy creating, love, tink xoxo