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Magical Day of Botanicas and Ink!

OH! It was cold as ice today!! ZERO with the wind chill and just brutal for these old bones! I set out early to get to the bank and get bagels for my Jinx boys. Then I stopped at my favorite Botanica on Earth, San Lazaro. I had to get a St Francis statue for the altar for little Mick. I got there when they were opening and I made a wonderful new friend in owner Orlando.

He is a gifted sensitive and he was inspired to approach me as I gave off a good and powerful vibration. We talked alot about the Orisha, Ink (he is also studying the art of Ink and was blown away by my Sugar Skull) and he showed me all around the Botanica. He showed me his special altar to his Grandfather and the wonderful upstairs space where they hold yoga classes and other workshops and seminars and generally hang out in a peaceful and sacred place. It was AWESOME and I loved it up there. I will do some photography for him at future events and I am very happy to as you all know how I was born with a camera attached to my face....

I am very excited about this all as Orlando is very knowledgable and I can most certainly learn alot from him. As Oya is a very special entity to me, he gave me a couple of wonderful pointers. He is a natural born teacher.

After the Botanica, I headed down to Jinx for my appointment. I was a bit early and the cold was chilling me to the bone and so I ducked into that little shop that I like over there and got a fun vintage necklace and a couple of other things. Then it was back to Jinx where we tried to get the heat cranking, to no avail (it was 58 degrees in there). We stood in front of the space heater until Scotty came with more heaters to place around the room.

Here is the sketch Eric did for my Rat Fink with a spray bomb:

We worked, basically shivering, until all the outline was finished and then my leg couldn't take anymore! It's awesome. We'll do the color on Friday the 13th. Can't wait!! Lucky 13!

And next door the Witch's Brew Cafe is coming together!

And my 2 little sweeties Denise & Danielle

It was just a perfect day. Now I am savouring an Abita Restoration brew and waiting for Skeetie to come home. He's working late again in this brutally cold weather.

I am so very excited about all this positive energy swirling around me! I hope to send some of it your way today.

Love & blessings~ tinkie xoxo

A Trip to the Botanica

Today was nearly 70 degrees! I had a happy day. I talked to my cousin in Florida and had a fun conversation. I told her I want to do antique ornaments on the Yule tree this year. She said she has a box of them that she's gonna send me. On lunch I went to Valley Fair and got a wicked wall shelf and beautiful shell container. Later on Skeetie sent me a little 'I love you' message so all is well in the world.

After work I ventured over to Botanica San Lazaro and this is the first time I've been there since they moved out of Paterson. At first I was a little disappointed. They had an odd variety of goods in a small room and no real Santeria items that I was looking for. Well, THEN I found the hallway and ventured down it and discovered the "Back Room" which was a virtual warehouse of magical items! I was in my glory. Statuary from tiny to enormous, candles, incense, oils, powders, tools OH, you name it. I'll be going there quite regularly.

I came home and added my new goodies to the altar.

I found that magical Maori skull at the Botanica and there is the beautiful shell vessel.

Prayer cards from the Botanica. Mainly Feminine images as I equate them with the Goddess.

The wall shelf.

On my doorstep when I got home was a beautiful box of Fairytale Brownies from Jeannie.

These beautiful, rich, gourmet brownies are to die for.

Thank you Auntie Jeannie! So, all told, it was a perfect day. I hope you are all having perfect days as well and the WEEKEND IS HERE!

Hugs & Blessings~ tinkie xoxo