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Happy End of Summer!

It has been MONTHS since I have posted and I am sorry about that! Life gets in the way, sometimes! I have been so busy here in the Atomic Universe!! So many things going on here!

The Spring started with vacation and a visit from Raymond T. Vinyl. We spent a music filled weekend perusing the Record Shops and antiquing. Then Desoto came down from Connecticut to join us for the Mechanical Music Extravaganza show where we met a bunch of other friends and found many fabulous early century records and generally marvelled at the antique phonographs! Of course we, all three, spent time with Charlie at Platter World!

Rich went home to work on his new Tiki Bar and Raymond went back to Columbus and we have our memories to last a lifetime. What a great vacation we had. While Raymond was here we had one of the Friday the 13th Art Challenges which we always broadcast live from the Atomic Universe on U-stream and it was very fun to have Raymond T.Vinyl as a guest star live in the Universe.

Hard at work on the latest Skateboard Deck pieces and there are 10 in the series so far, with more on the horizon. They are most fun to work on and I am calling them Creeples. Remaining decks are available at Tink's Atomic Universe and we know have a Facebook Atomic Universe Fan Page which you can shop directly from as well! Visit and "like" us!


Also brand new is the Atomic Universe Shop at Cafe Press where you can get Official Sideshowtink Merchandise including T-shirts, sweats, hoodies and much more! Visit here and find all things Tink:

Recently we attended the best Car Show of the year, Rust Riot, in NY state. That is always a very fun time. There was even a new Record Store that had a set up at the show! Darkside Records opened recently in Poughkeepsie NY and they brought some amazing things with them! Of course, our friends Chris and Sharon Machin were there with their Kool Freaking Creations of low brow hot rod /pinstripe artwork. Many great bands performed live including the Arkhams.

Labor Day is upon us and I am looking forward to some antiquing at the Hell's Kitchen Flea and maybe Meeker Antiques. We'll see if the weather cooperates!

Recently got some bad news in that my beloved Charlie of Platter World is very ill. Stage IV cancer. I am very upset and am spending as much time with him as I possibly can while I still have him. I want to absorb all his knowledge about vintage records!! He is going on 86 years old and has been an avid collector for 70 years! No one has taught me more about 78's and I have to say that at least 90% of my near 5000 78's have come from him!

I am looking forward to the Autumn and then, of course, our Yule celebrations! Hope you are all well. Hugs, Love & Light, Tink ♥

Happy Hauntings Halloween Week

Well, I've been mighty busy! Sold Mr Caruso and the Witchy a few days ago. Yesterday I sold Spook, Frankie, Jack and Gertie and then one of the Keepers of the Vinyl! SO happy that you are all loving my creatures. They make me very happy and it's very nice to know they make so many of you happy as well.

Yesterday I proclaimed as "Adopt a Creature from the Atomic Universe Day" and I think I'll extend that until Hallow'een!

This past Sunday was the big WFMU record show in NYC and Skeetie and I enjoyed that completely. Afterwards we did one of our favorite eating haunts Great Jones Cafe. Here's a little footage from the show:

Today I plan a jaunt to one of the older cemeteries in the area and then a visit with Charlie at Platter World this afternoon. The weather has been warm and unseasonal but this weekend it is to get chilly again. Today will be perfect for the cemetery as it's supposed to hit 73 degrees! Nice!

I hope you are all gearing up for Hallow'een and then El Dia de Los Muertos on Monday. After that it is the start of Yule festivities here in the Atomic Universe. Looking forward to decorating!

FINALLY am able to get into my web site to do the newsletter for November. The company that took over for UMI has FINALLY given me a sign in screen so I can now after nearly 2 months get back in there to work. I was able to leave them altogether but since I can now access my stuff, I am happy :-)

I hope you are all happy & healthy and enjoying the season!


Hi everyone! Some pages from my Art Book 'Art Goddess Moments' have been published in Somerset Studio Gallery magazine! You will recognize these as the original collage pieces that some of the art cards were created from. SS Gallery is one of the most beautiful & prestigious of the mixed media rags and I am thrilled to be in there. Click on the page below to view it larger!

It is the Winter 2008 issue which you can get at your local Barnes & Noble (it will be available Dec 1st) OR directly from Stampington

Gallery Winter '08

Photographer Extraordinaire (at large) John Rizzuto continues his tireless work on the NJ Women with Ink book and we are VERY excited to keep you aprised of the progress on that as well. As John gives me info, I will pass it on to you. This book will make the PERFECT Yule gift for the ink lover (or lover of inked women!!) on your list!

I hope you all had amazing Thanksgivings. I am back to my folks house tonight for leftovers....YIKES!!!

Love out~ tink xoxo

Gloomy, Cold, October Day!

Today is the perfect day to be inside in the studio! It is raining and cold. Very dreary, but it is the first weekend rain we have had in months and we do need it. I have been working in the studio and have finished my 'paper' doll witch. She is a large one and she is fabulous in person. She's listed to Etsy.

I have also been busy creating sets of buttons for my Inked-folks. These are the perfect little stocking stuffer. These are also on Etsy.

Today will be an iron studio day! I am gonna spend all afternoon in the studio having creative fun. I have plans for new style Art Fibre hats and other art to wear for the impending cold weather. I have some magical Art Fibre yarns on the way now. I am really excited about these!

Studio time for Tink! Have a magical Saturday! Stay warm & dry and Happy upcoming Samhain!

Love out~ tink xoxo

Soggy Morning in the Woodland

Well, it has been raining here for days now. So as the builder was supposed to get rolling this week, he can't. This is rather tiresome. I would be happy if the work were finished and I could reclaim my space.

I am having great fun with the soldering iron (something ELSE to injure myself with!) And the Art Under Glass© pendants are really fun and magical. I have many ideas for them and will be adding more over time.

There are 6 new art cards listed and 2 brand new ones on the way. The latest collage piece is this one:

Mick & I are trying to ring out from the weather and Mick has that damp dog smell, which is an oddly comforting familiar smell.
Well, time to start this day. Thoughts out to the Katrina survivors on this 1 year anniversary.
hugs & blessings~

Full Wishing Moon

Well tonight is the GLORIOUS Full Wishing Moon and, believe me, the moon was beautiful in the sky tonight!

It has turned very cold & windy again!! Mick was supposed to get his bath with special Pup Suds from Moon Garden Creations but now it is too cold to get him wet! She wanted a picture of Mick after his lovely bath all primped up. I made her this pic to promote the soap:

I am having a steaming hot cup of Raven's Full Moon Tea and just finished up on my Enchanted Forest King. I have to wait to get pictures of him outside before I can get him listed but I am very happy with him

I'm rather exhausted but feeling quite content. AND I heard Nanny McPhee is being released on DVD May 9th!!!! I can't wait!

Monday Madness

Well you all KNOW how I feel about Mondays but today was a little different. I was able to work a bit tonight. I think the reality of it was that I just didn't have enough hours in the weekend and it spilled over into today!

I came home to a pacakge from Gothic Rose Antiques and it was my FABULOUS antique blind man's glasses~ (And a jar of teeth) Crystal has THE most wonderful offerings.

I have been working on a new Devon Valley Spirit Doll and he is drying at the moment....tommorow will come his costuming

Tonight I have some Fat Angel by magic Hat Brewery and it was nearly 70 degrees today. VERY fun. Spring is near. One of the Etsy Gals has alerted me to some wonderful Ritual Incense she has for sale. I LOVE it (but have to burn it out on the back porch so as to avoid the smoke and setting off the fire alarm!) Those charcoals that you burn raw incense on really create thick smoke....

Dead tired from a VERY productive and non stop weekend. That makes me happy. I need a gallery show for the shrines. That would be ideal.

well back to the workspace....sleep tight, folks!

Another Monday...Already?

Yes. it is Monday again already and it wouldn't have been a bad one at all as my little Radke Doll showed up today!

What a FACE. That makes me smile. After I carefully unpacked her and placed her I proceeded to open the other mail and received a 400.00 Public Service bill! Geez, I KNOW we had a cold February and I know fuel went up but that is ridiculous. I promptly turned the thermostat down to 68 degrees. Extra socks are not a problem......

Well, thank Goddess, Spring is right around the corner. I will truly celebrate it's arrival this year.

Cold Saturday Musings

Well, it is very cold and windy here in the Woodland. I have been working fervently in the studio all morning and am taking a brew break. My sister got mad at me this morning for pushing her but I only want her to BE a part of our artist community and learn & grow & be inspired by the other sister spirit artists there. I guess I just don't understand those who HAVE a creative ability not living thinking breathing art. I realize not everyone is as extremist as I am but still....I can't help TRYING to inspire. I don't possess the lazy gene so I have a very hard time with people that do. Just ask Lorine :-)

Well, anyway, I have been on a good creative streak this week and have been working on this:

which will be a 'Strong Wiccan Woman' shrine and then the other piece which is still wet on the work table now is this:

This one will be titled 'Art Goddess'. The studio is very all encompassing today. It is my safe haven, refuge, magical space, HOME, castle. I have John Cale on the stereo and my little old chihuahua is sound asleep on his (well, MY) yoga pillow.

Teago called this morning to tell me Adrian Belew is resceduled for tommorow at School of Rock. YEAH! I can't WAIT. Belew is a genius and attending a lecture/seminar/clinic of his will be awe inspiring.

My cousin, Donatella, also told me that the Bodies Exhibition is back in NYC (Thief had seen it on the first round, Donatella saw it in Tampa and Lorine saw it in Brussels) I missed it when it was first here so I MUST catch that this time around.

My feet are free and happy in my new 'barefoot' hemp sandals from http://nancysfancies.etsy.com they jingle when I walk and I just love them.

Well, back to the worktable.....Goddess Bless, Tink xxx

as a footnote, I have also instituted a LIVE CHAT on my website! I am very excited about it and it should reduce my phone bill considerably!