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HANK & Thrifts! What more could you want?

Today was COLD. VERY cold. I hate the cold. I found another big thrift shop down in the Plainfield area and it was neat and orderly and divisive segmenting the collectible crap from the clothing/housewares which was really perfect! My mother came over saying "look what I found!" and it was a whole book full of 78 records! I was SO excited! I grabbed those and a few other things and was happy as a clam! I came home cleaned and sorted through all my records (the ones I got today and yesterday) and hung the cool Camel display I got in Stroudsburg yesterday. It is just perfect for displaying the Art Cards by Tink© !

And for your listening pleasure, Hank Williams doing Jambalaya on my antique phonograph! It blows my mind because this is exactly how folks would have listened to his recordings in his day!! ENJOY and feel the distant energy:

Have a magical evening~ love out~ tinkie xoxo

Pennsylvania Adventure

Yesterday we headed out to Stroudsburg to go to the Olde Engine Stop Antique Co-Op. We got there around noon and were there until closing only even covering 1/2 of it! It's huge and a wonderland for antique freaks like us.

Skeet loved the tool stand:

Beautiful old boxes for tiki shirines!

A GREAT old Pennzoil sign:

Could this be the precursor to the Atomic Fez? The Grand Poobah!

Closing time!

We found great stuff. I got some antique cookie cutters for the collection, some strange 50's plastic people for assemblage, a Wild Boar casserole, an old Camel display advertising thingy and a bunch of old 78's including Bing, Glenn Miller, the Three Suns and many other fun ones. Skeeter got a wicked old oil can and an old Esso gas pump emergency door to cover the control panel in the garage. Afterwards we came all the way back to Jersey to try this new Latin place that just opened really nearby called Old San Juan. It was WAY crowded and we had to wait and we were famished after our day of power antiquing but it was worth the wait and the owner was really nice.

We got home late. I had wanted to attend the Tarot class tonight at Botanica San Lazaro but we got in too late. I'd have been too tired, anyway. I cleaned up some of the 78's including the Hank Williams ones Skeetie sniped for me and played them awhile. It was fabulous but the temperature had dropped markedly. And here is this bizarre Saint Doll Thing I found recently. It is probably one of the most insane things I have ever come upon.

This morning I didn't get to sleep in at all as Mick is having some mobility issues today and I had to jump up to assist him. Once I am up, I'm up for the duration. I can tell it's brutally cold out there today. I am having my tea and relaxing a bit. I hope you are all having a fun weekend so far!

Hugs & stay warm~ Tink xoxo

the Antique Record Player

My Dad found some 78's behind his bar in the rec room in a box from my Grandfather so he brought them over. Most were mildewed from a past flood but I was able to salvage a great one and try it. It was FABULOUS! check it out:

As I said to Skeet, it's very horror movie/nightmare music in sound and feel. But I am now on the quest for old bump and grind, carnival and Italian opera records. I am very excited!

hugs out & stay warm~ love, tink xoxo

More antiquing and Thrift fun

Today (my usual Saturday pastime), I hit on the big Thrift and found a bunch of cool stuff. Afterwards I went to Rick's Antiques and found the MOST wicked crank record player for 78's. Just like the one the hooch girls use on Carnevale. One old (very warped) 78 was included so I was at least able to test it when I got home. To my total delight, it is in perfect working order! The old 78's have the absolute most haunted sound and I can't wait to get up the the Wayne PAL tomorrow with Skeetie so we can find some nice flat 78's for it!

I had to park around back at Rick's and on the way back to the car I noticed that someone thought the Saints were probably cold as well, as they put jackets on them!

It's freezing now and I am not even warm in the house. I have a bunch of new supplies to work with in the studio so I will probably get to work on some things tonight.

Have a magical, warm & wonderful day~ hugs~ tink xo

Baby, it's COLD outside!

WOW, is it ever cold here. REALLY cold. I was supposed to go into the city last night for a holiday party thrown by my friends Teago and Fran but I was so beat from this work week that there was no way I could make it. I relaxed on the couch while Skeetie hit on his member's only holiday party with the boys at the Italian Club. I got my cool tiki shelf from Ebay yesterday so I hung that up and will use it to house the vintage tiki mugs.

Today I had tea with mom and HAD to give her one of her Yule gifts early because I found the Jim Shore Westie that she wanted and just could not wait to give it to her. lol. She loved it. Then I went to my fave Saturday haunt, (aside from Jinx Proof), the thrift shop. I found lots of cool stuff including 4 old cookbooks from the 50's, some cool stuff for the altar, the PERFECT little cookie spatula, an old stainless chopper and a wicked heavy duty leather vest with zippers and lacing. Looks like the thing was never even worn so I'll have to do the aging and breaking in myself which is fine :-)

After that I went to another little junk store I know of in Garfield and found an authentic old Plum Pudding mold with the locking lid so as to be able to boil it in a pot just like in Dicken's time!!! That set me back 2 bucks. I was very excited.

After that I stopped in Rick's antiques and they had tons of stuff on tables outside like a flea market but it was SO cold and I was digging through boxes of glass items and cut my finger something fierce on a broken piece in a box. I couldn't stop the bleeding and my hands were SO dirty from thrifting that I had to cut the afternoon short and go home and wash the wound. lol. That's the price you pay for being an antique freak.

Skeetie feels like he is coming down with something and isn't feeling well at all so while he rests, I'll do some baking tonight. It's too cold for Woman or beast anyway so it's a perfect baking night. I'll do some special Dia de los Muertos cookies and try another batch of Auntie Barb's tarts.

I hope you are all having fun Saturdays and getting into the Yule spirit.

Love out~ tink xoxo

Guinness Oyster Festival Asbury Park NJ

Today I headed down to Asbury Park for the Oyster Fest. I went with my Mom & Dad who I haven't hung out with for awhile. We first headed over to the boardwalk area to see what renovations have been done so far. It was a beautiful day and the breeze from the ocean and the smell of the salt water was very spiritual. In the old Paramount Theater building I got a fun Tillie tank top. We headed over to Cookman Ave for the Guinness Oyster Fest and searched around for some parking. We found a private lot that you could park in all day for any donation you want to give to the Asbury restoration!! Perfect!

The Oyster Fest was great! It was 4 or 5 (or more) blocks long and Cookman Ave has some great shops. My mom loved the shops that had fun things for your pets. My Dad parked himself by the jazz band and totally enjoyed that for the duration of our shopping! Of course, I had to duck into the Antique Center and what did I find?? Yet another fun jukebox radio thing. Had to grab it because this one has a CD player as well and I thought it would be fun in the studio. It was heavy and they put it in a big thick cardboard box for me so I had to make my way through the crowds carrying this thing.

I initially went to the fest to see Black 47 but they did not come on until 4:15 and it was getting very hot and humid and we were sure we would hit alot of shore traffic if we stayed that long. Besides, there was no way I'd have been able to carry this damn jukebox all day.

Here are some pics from the day:

Asbury Park Guinness Oyster Fest Pics

After the fest we went to a favorite haunt called Bahr's Landing in Atlantic Highlands for some magical seafood.

This afternoon I am listening to WFMU (on the new jukebox radio) and feeling very tired. I had a very difficult 2 weeks and I need a break from it all, I think. My new ink is causing a huge popeye arm and a swollen hand even! Can't wait until it heals. I feel even more like the freak I already am.

Hugs out~ tink xoxo

Feeling Better & Getting Out for a Bit!!

I really do feel SO much better today and feel as if I am back among the land of the living!! I actually went down to the Somerville antiques center to do a little browsing. I found some cool stuff!! Here I am describing some of my finds to you:

We stopped to get something to eat at Cheeseburger in Paradise and then went over to la Festa Italiana at my old church Our Lady of Mt Virgin as I wanted to light a candle for Skeetie's arbitration and to keep him safe on his journey to Key West tomorrow. The church is as amazing and beautiful as I remember and they still to this day do mass in Italian over there.

Above is St Rita. She's the patron Saint of Eyes. Note the eyes on the plate. I remember thinking this was SO cool & creepy when I was young!

So it was a perfect day. I felt better, the weather was nice and I still feel good even after the exertion! I think I am well on my way! hugs out~ tink xoxo

Labor Day Monday!

This has been such a nice weather weekend! Skeetie went back to Lead East for awhile with the boys yesterday so I went up to Krogh's at Lake Mohawk and to do some antiquing at the Scranberry Coop in Andover. I found a lovely old Beacon camera in a leather case. Krogh's is one of my all time favorite restaurants and Lake Mohawk looks like a little Alpine Village. The lake was calm and beautiful and hardly anyone was around!!

Today it was off to the Rutherford Antiques street fair and it was SO crowded! We had a time finding parking (especially with Skeetie's big truck) but we persevered and found a space within a couple of blocks of Park Ave. The sun was HOT but the humidity was down and we had a great time looking through all the stuff. We found some great things! I got a wicked ring made from an old typewriter key that the merchant sized to fit me perfectly. I picked the "Shift" key as that has a sort of Hot Rod meaning as well! I also found a sparkplug cologne bottle, a vintage 50's dress and kitten heeled shoes. Skeetie found a galvanized bucket for Rolling Rock nips, a GREAT vintage beer can that he will use on the Rat Rod and a huge old Rat trap. We ate in Jim Dandy's right there on Park and whilst the food was very good, it really wasn't our sort of place. It was hectic and crowded and noisy. lol.

Sitting on the porch this morning I discovered a bee's nest inside my tiki windchime!

...and look how much the wisteria has grown on the old spring matress trellis Skeetie made for me! IT will bloom like MAD next spring!

We spent several hours at the fair and came home to watch Bubba Ho-Tep which we loved and I recommend for any of you that like unusual and offbeat flicks. Tonight is for relaxation! Happy September & hope you are all having magical Labor Day weekends!

Hugs~ tink xoxo

Ho-Ho-Kus Antiques 5-4-2008

Happy Cinco de Mayo everybody! Skeetie & I continued our antique tour '08 yesterday with a trip to Granny's Attic Antiques in Ho-Ho-Kus. Despite a cloudy, dreary start to the Sunday, the sun came out bright and strong and it was a beautiful day for a drive and antique adventure!

I did a Wal-Mart run in the morning while Skeetie worked in the garage and then we were off and running. Granny's Attic has 3 floors of wonder to explore and it was fabulous. I found a beautiful Deco night table for a song. After hitting the Ho-Ho-Kus location, we went up to the decidedly smaller Mahwah location where we met Uncle Maury, the Uncle of a friend of Skeet's (who just happens to own the place!) and Skeetie found a wicked automotive sign.

Afterwards we went to Steve's Sizzlin Steaks for dinner and this place was fabulous! Old and rustic with lots of taxidermy fish etc. I had a wicked, perfect burger and Skeet had the most tender steak I've tasted. We shared some cajun shrimp and awesome, tart, key lime pie.

Another perfect antique adventure day! Here are some pics. View it full screen for a cooler show:

Ho-Ho-Kus Antique Adventure

Today, the sun is shining bright and I think it will be warm. Have a magical day!

hugs~ tink xo

Lambertville Adventure

Today was a fabulous adventure day! Me & Skeetie headed out to Lambertville flea market (the Golden Nugget) on rte 29. It was a little overcast but the sun would peek out here and there! We had fun perusing the merchants that were there at this early time in the season.

I found a beautiful bracelet that was tiny enough for my wrist very artistically rendered from an old fork! Also a fab antique pin cushion and a tiny old spool weaver in the form of a little doll. Then we went inside the buildings and met a new friend in shop dealer Andrew who had a wicked collection of fun 50's stuff.

There, Skeetie bought these WICKED speakers that he'll hang on the wall and hook to the stereo. They are amazing! I bought 2 really fun art hats made from vintage fabrics one with a Halloween theme and the other tiki/polynesian themed by David Rivera. Andrew promised to let us know when he finds some new Tiki stuff.

After the flea we took a ride over to the River Horse brewery and looked around the works.

Then it was off to Milford for the Ship Inn. I love the Ship Inn. It has a wonderful British pub, warm, dark, haunted atmosphere! We had a mixed British sampler appetizer and Skeetie had fish & chips and I had a PERFECT burger. Ship Inn brews their own brews and I took home a miniature box 'keg' of one of their fabulous ales.

Afterwards we came home to watch some Family Guy and relax on the couch together. What a magical day!

Tinkie in her fabulous vintage fabric hat by David Rivera:

I hope you all had magical weekends! love out~ tink xo