Magical Friday the 13th Score!

Friday the 13th just passed. Lucky 13! Skeetie went to an Estate sale on Friday the 13th. The Estate sale was in a house on a cemetery. I imagine it was the Estate of the caretaker! Skeetie was looking for tools and things of that nature for the garage and asked if there was anything in the basement. The Estate sale director said no there's just an old record player. Knowing that I collect them he asked if he could see it. It was the only thing sitting in the basement, it was beautiful and he grabbed it for me. So a beautiful 1921 Granby phonograph alone in the basement of a house on a cemetery on Friday the 13th....that thing was meant to be mine!

So Saturday morning he brings it over and I have been playing with it since. I Scott's Liquid Golded it and oiled it up. The sound quality is awesome. Yesterday morning early I discovered that the reproducer is dual, meaning it plays both vertical and lateral cut records! I was thrilled! This means I can finally play all those turn of the century vertical cut Triumph, Par-o-ket & Crescents that Charlie gave me as well as the big stack of Pathes from Raymond! What a true treasure! The ghosts are dancing around!

It is my all time favorite talking machine and I have a lot of them. This one does it all!

"Without music life would be a mistake." ~ Nietzsche
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Saturday with Tink and Spring is in the air!

Well, I have been very busy here in the Atomic Universe. Working on a new art piece which will be a little man from the Wild Wood and got a ton of pieces listed to the Etsy shop. The weather is getting nice again (finally) here in the Nor'East and I think people will start feeling like buying themselves something fun to celebrate Spring! I hope you are all having a magical, mystical day! Hugs~ Tink XOXO
Tink's Atomic Universe

Spoken Word Exotica the Book

SO fabulous. I got the urge to create a book of my Spoken Word Exotica pieces and include an audio CD and I was delighted to sell 1/2 dozen the moment they were released. THANK YOU! The poetry is a little dark at times but still the dreamstate is not always a nice place!! The books are available in the etsy shop:

Tink's Atomic Universe

Or right here if you like:

Autograph personalization

From the forward:
"As an artist I am able to create the dreamstate in sound and imagery. The original Performance art pieces include music and visuals to enhance the spoken word. I like to use many unusual and Exotica type instruments including various drums & other percussives, theremin, various keyboards, strings and many other bells & whistles. I record on multi tracks through a Snowball microphone by Blue."

My Spoken Word pieces are very important to me and I appreciate all the support I have gotten from you all. XOXO

Gearing up for a big Arts Fest on June 5th which I will post more info on shortly. Have a most magical day, Namaste~ Tink xoxo
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FearNet Sunday!

Having absolutely zero energy after navigating the big PAL flea and yummy Mexican food at El Bandito...I parked myself on the couch with Vaggi and the laptop and discovered that the original 1960 13 Ghosts was on FearNet!! So fabulous and it was the version where you don't need the special viewer to see the ghosts. I had a longing to see it in it's original manner and was delighted to find that there is a DVD version that includes the special ghost viewer so I had to grab a copy from Amazon!!

Next up on FearNet is the Tingler (1959). Very magical evening of classic chillers from William Castle!Loving it! This is exactly what I feel is a perfect way to spend this Sunday evening!

The next Chiller Theater convention is coming up in a few weaks and these fabulous camp thrillers are really putting me in the mood for it!!
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Tink's Atomic Universe

The company that used to host my website has discontinued the U-Maintain-It platform so I had to start work on a new site with a different company. So far I have the basic pages down and will continue to add to it overtime. I hope you are all healthy, happy & looking forward to Spring!

Tink's Atomic Universe

New Magical Runic Power Staff listed to Etsy

Been working on some new pieces lately and this morning got this large and magical piece listed. Took it out in the snow this morning to infuse it with some extra Nature power energy. I hope you are all having a glorious Monday and hope, too, that you have the day off from work for President's Day!

Large Runic Power Staff by Tink