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Platter World's 40th Anniversary Overstock Sale Event

Howdy, everyone! Yesterday began the special 40th Anniversary sale at Platter World and, of course, I was there with bells on, video camera in hand and ready to dig! Of course, just spending some hours with Charlie, for me, is pure magic.

That store is a crate diggers dreamland as there are records of all shapes and sizes in every nook and cranny in the store. From the tiniest Little Wonders to the largest radio transcriptions! If you are looking for CD's you're looking in the wrong place. This is Vinyl Heaven (and, of course, shellac) No digital nonsense here!

I climbed and moved and dug through piles and piles and came away with some beautiful scores. I never fail to find countless treasures even with visiting at least once a week! This overstock sale will run through Sunday and then resume again next Thursday til next Sunday. Be prepared to get your hands dirty and ENJOY!

Here is some footage I shot at the shop yesterday so you can get an idea of how much stuff is in that place!


For the record collector, you won't find more of a treasure trove anywhere if you are willing to get in there and dig for what you like!!

Last night after cleaning and playing through my treasures, in keeping with the mood, I watched the documentary Desperate Man Blues which features Joe Bussard and his outstanding collection of early century 78's. Joe swears that REAL music was over by 1955. His collection of early blues and bluegrass is remarkable. He owns one of the remaining known copies of Robert Johnson's Crossroad Blues!! A highly recommended watch! Here is an Amazon link for it:


Enjoy your day. It is glorious here with a bright blue sky and low humidity! And in the words of Raymond T. Vinyl, play a record today!! xoxo
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