This Years Shelter Pets Charity Holiday CD A 78rpm Christmas with Tink Vol. 2


In my never ending quest to help shelter animals, I am, once again, presenting a collection of lesser known Christmas classics all recorded directly from 78rpm records in my  own collection.

The second annual A 78 RPM Christmas with Tink brings together holiday music spanning the decades from the 10's to the 50's. Some are familiar tunes done by less commonly heard artists and many you may never have heard before.

This year's shelter of choice is R.B.A.R.I. (Ramapo Bergen Animal Refuge, Inc) shelter in Oakland NJ. This is the very place where little Vaggi was rescued from. $2.00 from the sale of each CD will go to R.B.A.R.I. so they can continue the awesome work they do in caring for homeless and otherwise displaced animals until they can find their forever homes.

CD's are $10.00 which includes shipping and comes with a handful of random pin back badges. Get yours by clicking the link below and help bring a little Holiday help to the animals in need of homes!

Offer for United States buyers ONLY. We cannot ship out of the country.

The 2013 CD has SOLD OUT
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Be Bop Kitchen: Art, Cooking and the Meaning of Life with Tink! The Book is released!

My book has been completed and released! Here is a preview and info for ordering your copy. Not like any other cookbook you've had, this fun and unique cookbook includes a segment on vintage mid century recipes for your next Atomic cocktail party and also Tiki drinks! Click the title of the book below the preview for ordering information.

Happy End of Summer!

It has been MONTHS since I have posted and I am sorry about that! Life gets in the way, sometimes! I have been so busy here in the Atomic Universe!! So many things going on here!

The Spring started with vacation and a visit from Raymond T. Vinyl. We spent a music filled weekend perusing the Record Shops and antiquing. Then Desoto came down from Connecticut to join us for the Mechanical Music Extravaganza show where we met a bunch of other friends and found many fabulous early century records and generally marvelled at the antique phonographs! Of course we, all three, spent time with Charlie at Platter World!

Rich went home to work on his new Tiki Bar and Raymond went back to Columbus and we have our memories to last a lifetime. What a great vacation we had. While Raymond was here we had one of the Friday the 13th Art Challenges which we always broadcast live from the Atomic Universe on U-stream and it was very fun to have Raymond T.Vinyl as a guest star live in the Universe.

Hard at work on the latest Skateboard Deck pieces and there are 10 in the series so far, with more on the horizon. They are most fun to work on and I am calling them Creeples. Remaining decks are available at Tink's Atomic Universe and we know have a Facebook Atomic Universe Fan Page which you can shop directly from as well! Visit and "like" us!


Also brand new is the Atomic Universe Shop at Cafe Press where you can get Official Sideshowtink Merchandise including T-shirts, sweats, hoodies and much more! Visit here and find all things Tink:

Recently we attended the best Car Show of the year, Rust Riot, in NY state. That is always a very fun time. There was even a new Record Store that had a set up at the show! Darkside Records opened recently in Poughkeepsie NY and they brought some amazing things with them! Of course, our friends Chris and Sharon Machin were there with their Kool Freaking Creations of low brow hot rod /pinstripe artwork. Many great bands performed live including the Arkhams.

Labor Day is upon us and I am looking forward to some antiquing at the Hell's Kitchen Flea and maybe Meeker Antiques. We'll see if the weather cooperates!

Recently got some bad news in that my beloved Charlie of Platter World is very ill. Stage IV cancer. I am very upset and am spending as much time with him as I possibly can while I still have him. I want to absorb all his knowledge about vintage records!! He is going on 86 years old and has been an avid collector for 70 years! No one has taught me more about 78's and I have to say that at least 90% of my near 5000 78's have come from him!

I am looking forward to the Autumn and then, of course, our Yule celebrations! Hope you are all well. Hugs, Love & Light, Tink ♥


Happy Spring, all. It is disturbing, to say the least, how negligent I have been in my blog posting. I really need to step it up. I have just been so busy! It is hard to find time to do all the things I need to do.

The weather has been amazing and still only march! Vacation is coming up in 3 weeks and we are planning all things music related. Tomorrow my antique Vara-phone motor will be on it's way back to me and I can re install it into it's case, crank it up and HEAR it for the first time! The total rebuild on the motor is costing me 306.00 but, to me, SO worth it. Cannot wait to have it back.

Having an issue with a Raccoon in the attic and now that he has been blocked out of the attic he is trying his damnedest to scrape, scratch and claw himself back in. I want to kill and taxidermy him.

So much has gone on these last months that I can't even remember them all to recap! But I will try to keep up with you all from here on. Happy Spring Equinox and a many magical, mystical, musical days ahead xoxo

Platter World's 40th Anniversary Overstock Sale Event

Howdy, everyone! Yesterday began the special 40th Anniversary sale at Platter World and, of course, I was there with bells on, video camera in hand and ready to dig! Of course, just spending some hours with Charlie, for me, is pure magic.

That store is a crate diggers dreamland as there are records of all shapes and sizes in every nook and cranny in the store. From the tiniest Little Wonders to the largest radio transcriptions! If you are looking for CD's you're looking in the wrong place. This is Vinyl Heaven (and, of course, shellac) No digital nonsense here!

I climbed and moved and dug through piles and piles and came away with some beautiful scores. I never fail to find countless treasures even with visiting at least once a week! This overstock sale will run through Sunday and then resume again next Thursday til next Sunday. Be prepared to get your hands dirty and ENJOY!

Here is some footage I shot at the shop yesterday so you can get an idea of how much stuff is in that place!


For the record collector, you won't find more of a treasure trove anywhere if you are willing to get in there and dig for what you like!!

Last night after cleaning and playing through my treasures, in keeping with the mood, I watched the documentary Desperate Man Blues which features Joe Bussard and his outstanding collection of early century 78's. Joe swears that REAL music was over by 1955. His collection of early blues and bluegrass is remarkable. He owns one of the remaining known copies of Robert Johnson's Crossroad Blues!! A highly recommended watch! Here is an Amazon link for it:

Enjoy your day. It is glorious here with a bright blue sky and low humidity! And in the words of Raymond T. Vinyl, play a record today!! xoxo

Back in Action with Charlie of Platter World!!

Well, I knew Charlie was out of the hospital so I asked his daughter if she thought he'd be able to reopen the store next week! She said....are you kidding? He made us bring him there on the way home from the hospital!!! Business as usual for Charlie! When he was in the hospital, I called him to tell him about my transcription player and he was as excited as me about it!!

Yesterday I ventured over there totally planning to spend hours with him. When I pulled up outside he was happily sweeping the sidewalk in front of the store like he always does! He said I'm dancing with my broom! I knew he was all better!

I found a magical pile of 78's and a couple of LP's including Creed Taylor's Shock AND Panic!! Very exciting. Then Charlie gave me as a gift FOURTY transcription records so I would have things to play on my new player! It was a most magical moment! I gave him a huge hug and told him how relieved and happy I was that he was back and OK!!

Last night I started cleaning, sorting and playing those transcription and again this morning at 5am I started again! There is so much variety amongst the stuff he gave me it was fabulous! Still playing them now just taking a quick break in my Exotica Jungle space in the yard with my dog.

Another magical moment this morning when I saw a BABY praying mantis in the yard! I love them. They are so peaceful and beautiful.I always have them around here but have never seen a baby before! He was a perfectly formed praying mantis, just 1 1/2" long! Pure magic and a true harbinger of luck! Getting HOT out here! Time to go back in and listen to music. Happy Monday! XOXO

Magical, Mystical Summer Morning!

Good morning everyone and Happy Sunday! The temps have dropped dramatically and there is absolutely no humidity today. I am sitting on the deck with the laptop and feeling very relieved that my dear Charlie (of Platter World fame) has been released from the hospital and is doing well! Hopefully he'll be back in action very very soon and back in his beloved record store!

This week I have been creating a space in the backyard that I am calling the Exotica Jungle and it was fun to find little elements to add to it. It's a most magical space and it along with my reading retreat are two most relaxing places to hang on those lazy Summer afternoons.

This weekend I got my 1940's Optron TD-16 Transcription phonograph and true to the seller's word, it is mint! A glorious addition to the collection. I've been having fun playing with that as well as my favorite Granby crank cabinet player that plays both vertical and lateral cut

A new bangle bracelet was also just completed and the gems were added this morning. It has a Tiki Bar theme and is the perfect Summer piece.

Today I am enjoying the perfect weather and I think I'll drive over and see if Charlie's around. If not I'll make a quick stop in the thrift before starting up the barbeque and sipping a brew.

I hope you are all enjoying this magical weekend. Big Vinyl Hugs Out~ Tinkie xoxo

Fun at the Fair with Tink's Atomic Universe

Hi everyone! Well, last week was the Fort Lee Arts & Music Festival and we were up and out bright and early to set up. The stand looked wonderful and I was so pleased with the tent canopy we had gotten. It worked out great. There were clouds around and the show was rain or shine but the rain stayed away!

Lots of people and a nice amount of sales and the temps were in the 60's as compared with a couple of days before when they peaked at 100! Here's some pics of the set up and then I'll post a little video of the day afterwards.